Mdina & Rabat Food & Drink Recommendations

[Updated 03 July 2024]

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Maltese "Classic" simple food

Is-Serkin, the most famous pasitizzi place in Malta. Open 24 hours. Cheese or peas pastizzi are the most common, and the cheapest €0.50.

Chez Eman, will make a very good ftira for you. You can put anything you want in it, but a traditional one will have tomato paste, tomatoes, olives, capers, tuna (if you don't eat tuna you can ask for one without), and the Maltese ġbejna cheese.

Ta' Futti, very authentic, local, Rabbit-eating place. Only open in the evenings.

Rabat Ajax, don't expect fancy food, but it's very local and cheap. Only open in the evenings; full days only on Sundays.

Other Restaurants

Yana's, very highly-rated restaurant. Guests frequently give me good feedback for eating here.

L'Enoteca, very well-liked restaurant.

Michelin Guide Restaurants

The following 3 restaurants are all located next to each other and have, for multiple times, been mentioned in the Michelin Guide as noteworthy places to eat at.

Step 15

The Fork and Cork

Root 81

Favourite Place in Mdina

Coogi's Tea Garden, my favourite place in Mdina. Has two courtyards, a terrace with the view we saw on the tour. I like the food, setting, and service here.

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