Mdina-Rabat Free Walking tour

[Updated 11 June 2024]

Photo of the Mdina.

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Meeting Location

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Getting to Mdina


Length: 2 hours.

Price: Pay what you want. (€10 per person is a good rule of thumb) If you pay more, it is much appreciated 🙏

We will spend roughly 1.5 hours in Mdina, and the last half an hour in Rabat. Which is very close by.

Meeting Location

We will meet right next to the Joseph Howard Memorial close to the Mdina Gate. There's a statue of a man named Joseph Howard - I will be in front of it. Here's the Google Maps location: Joseph Howard Memorial.

Please ask for "Ben" 😊

Photo of urn at meeting spot.
The Joseph Howard Memorial where we will be meeting.

Book the Tour

If there is no more slots on that date & time, please check my booking page.

If some dates in the future are not available it's because I generally make booking available a month in advance - to avoid unnecessary cancellations (which are rare).

Getting to Mdina

To get to Mdina from Valletta you can use the 51, 52, 53 (get off at the "Mdina" stop), or the 50, 56 (get off at the "Saqqajja" stop) buses. A few guests have complained to me recently that the buses are either leaving late, or there are too few buses leaving from Valletta to Mdina. So it might be a good idea to plan leaving an hour before the scheduled time.

To see options on how to get from Sliema, Gżira, or St Julian's you can view an article I've written here: Getting from Sliema to Mdina.

If you're driving and are wondering where to park the car. There are 3 nearby car parks. I still recommend you arrive early, as they quickly fill up. These are the 3 car parks (parking lots):

Before the Tour

If you arrive early and are feeling peckish you might want to visit Is-Serkin, Crystal Palace Bar. It is super famous in Malta for its pastizzi. The traditional flavours are ricotta cheese, and the mushy curried peas.

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