Places to visit in Gozo

[Updated 29 March 2024]

Short Intro

Gozo is less developed than Malta. Usually much more relaxed, calm, and nature is more easily visible.

I usually steer away from recommending too much in Gozo. I usually tell guests to look up a list of items and go where they are inspired, or even to "just explore" and head somewhere. Since the "vibe", the atmosphere, is the most important thing to capture in Gozo.

With the above being said, I'll list a few places that stand out for me, and that you might enjoy.

The Citadel (Ċittadella)

Ċittadella image.
© Petr Pelikan CC-BY-4.0

A citadel in the heart of Rabat (Victoria), the capital of Gozo. It never fully recovered from the disastrous 1551 siege, so it has an eery atmosphere.

It's best to visit during the day, however in the summer heat I would advise against visiting during the hottest hours of the day (noon to 4pm).

If you want a place to eat I usually enjoy Ta' Rikardu it's got simple traiditional Maltese food.

At night can be charming too. It's usually very empty!

Ċittadella Google Maps location

Ta' Pinu

Ta' Pinu image.
© Diego Delso CC-BY-SA

A basilica located in the countryside. Built here due to Karmni Grima hearing a voice telling her to recite the rosary in 1883.

Again I choose this site due to the atmosphere of the place. The countryside, but also the basilica is quite big and usually empty.

I recommend going all the way inside behind the altar, into the sacristy, where many people left casts, paintings, and other items, either asking for the Madonna ta' Pinu to intercede and help them, or thanking her for doing that.

You might be asked to dress moderately here.

Ta' Pinu Google Maps location

Dwejra Inland Sea

Ta' Pinu image.
© Plutoworld CC-BY-SA

Again another scenic place.

If the sea is calm (place take this seriously) you can even swim through the gap into the open sea. The rocks towering above you are quite imposing. Watch out for the boats which also pass through here.

Dwejra Inland Sea Google Maps location

Xwejni Salt Pans

Ta' Pinu image.
© Marika Caruana CC-BY-SA

The salt pans provide many opportunities for picturesque photos. Closeby there's a small beach called Xwejni Bay. Worth visiting.

Xwejni Salt Pans Google Maps location

Ġgantija Temples

Ta' Pinu image.
© FritzPhotography CC-BY-SA

The oldest buildings in Malta, and some of the oldest buildings in the world. The current date stands to 3,600 BCE.

Surrounded by countryside too.

I would visit these if you're not visiting Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra in the South West of Malta (not Gozo). I prefer Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra, as the setting is slightly better in my opinion. Also please note I provide tours of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra.

Ġgantija Temples Google Maps location

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