Cannon Fire Valletta

[Updated 09 April 2024]

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Shot of the cannon firing. © Karelj CC-BY-3.0

The cannon fires at noon (12:00) and 4pm (16:00) every day except for Sundays and public holidays.

To see the cannon fire, you must go to the Upper Barrakka Garden (Google Maps Location), walk all the way to the end until you see a spectacular view of the Grand Harbour and the cannons below you.

Entrance to the garden and watching the cannon firing is completely free. However, you can leave a donation to help with the upkeep of the guns should you like.

A crowd starts to form 15 minutes before the cannon firing, so if you want a good spot you have to go around that time.

A possibly better option to is to pay €3 and see the cannons from the same level as the cannon firing. This will include a short tour and explanation just for you and much smaller crowd. To do this, go just past the Upper Barrakka Garden Fountain (Google Maps Location) there will be a set of stairs going down to the Wirt Artna offices.

Please be warned that the cannon fire can be louder than you think.

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